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Ludiza – Take the next step

Welcome to Ludiza, an app developed with the aim of enriching the couple’s experience through a variety of activities. Ludiza is designed to facilitate better communication through challenges and offer insights based on the individual reflections. Our goal is to support couples in exploring sessions that are designed to enhance their connection and to provide opportunities for creating joyful memories together.


Community of Couples

Join us on social media and share your journey. Embrace the challenges, deepen the connections, and join the community of couples dedicated to enriching their bonds!

Daring sessions

Each session is designed to spark your interest and inspire you to try something new

Reflective commitment

Through reflections and open communication, discover the strength of your bond.

Get personalized feedback

Our AI relationship coach will guide you in your journey

A private dance

In Ludiza, your commitment to each other is sacred. As a premium app, we safeguard your shared journey, ensuring no third-party intrusion.



Pronunciation: /luˈdiːzə/


Ludiza originates from the Latin word “ludus,” meaning “game.” It refers to any form of organized play or amusement, including board games, sports, or recreational activities.

Personal growth

Similar to the ludus of ancient Rome, Ludiza provides a foundational stage for adults to acquire essential skills and knowledge in various areas of interest, fostering personal growth and intellectual development.

Theatrical Play

Ludiza also refers to a theatrical play, particularly within the comedic genre. It signifies a performance intended to entertain and amuse the audience.

Commit to Challenge

Your journey awaits. Are you ready to take the plunge, face the challenges, and commit to a deeper, more enriched relationship?

Questions on Your Journey?

Need assistance or have inquiries about your challenging journey? Contact us at support@ludiza.com or browse our FAQs. We are committed to supporting you, responding within 1-2 business days!